WPM Real Estate Management - Testimonial

After our 3rd incident this year, I knew that I had to take a more Pro-active approach to accident prevention. None of the incidents were the fault of my drivers; however, the business disruption that my company sustained was unacceptable!

I am confident your reflective tape will reduce the risk of future rear end collisions (incidents). As a company that strives for the Best Practice Safety Program, we should have instituted this long ago.

Michael Klein
President WP&M MGT LLC.

Tate Engineering - Testimonial

Dear Bob,

A vehicle accident is a major disruption to meeting customer expectations. In an 18 month period, Tate experienced a rash of six accidents where other drivers hit our vehicles from behind. One resulted in a lost-time workers comp injury. Every technician is vitally important to serving our customers who depend on us to keep their mechanical equipment up and running. No company can afford to have employees out of work, especially due to a preventable accident that's someone else's fault.

We looked for a solution to make our vehicles more visible and that's when we found the highly reflective yellow and red decals. In conjunction with the visibility tape, we trained our technicians on techniques to prevent being rear-ended. For Tate the decals serve two purposes, first to make our white trucks highly visible and secondly to remind our technicians about their defensive driving techniques.

After applying the Visibility Tape on our fleet of over 30 service vans and 20 welding rigs, we reduced our hit from behind incidents to just one the following year. It was a minor low-speed rear-end collision by a distracted driver in stop and go traffic on the Washington, DC beltway.

While the savings from having one less incident more then covered the cost of outfitting our entire fleet, the return on our investment was minor compared to the other benefits it provided:

No injuries.
No lost hours or overtime hours.
No lost vehicle time.
No disruption in scheduling or customer complaints from rescheduled appointments.

The visibility tape is a great investment and a best practice for fleet safety programs. The reflective decals provide an instant, easy to apply, and cost-effective way to reduce hit from behind accidents. Using the decals keep our techs safer on the road so we can do what we do best, providing our customers with the right people, the right solutions, right now!

Thanks again,

Joe Xavier
Safety/Quality Director
Tate Engineering Systems, Inc.

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