$39.95 plus Shipping. 6” X 48”
red and yellow stripes
 (custom sizes available)


Improve Vehicle Visibility and
Reduce Rear End Collisions

Major fleet users report
rear-end collision
reductions of more than 50%

  • Increase driver’s awareness of stopped or slow moving vehicles both day and night
  • Made from superior polymers with improved reflectivity
  • Waterproof, easy to apply, long lasting
  • Available in standard and custom sizes that can be easily trimmed to fit any vehicle
  • Reduces workman’s comp claims and costs
  • Reduces vehicle repairs and down time caused by accidents
  • Eliminates business disruptions caused by accidents
  • Provides insurance savings by lowering Total Incident Rate (TIR)
Each year in the US there are approximately 5.5 million automobile accidents with 1/3 involving rear end collisions. Rear end collisions occur when drivers do not see slower or stopped vehicles in front of them in time to stop. Visibility Tape increases driver’s awareness and cautions other drivers of stopped or slow moving commercial vehicles and significantly reduces the number of collisions.

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